Homeopathy and I met for the first time 20 years ago. As a family we had just moved back to the UK after four years in Asia. I had an under-active thyroid and was suffering from post-natal depression with my second child; at that point I had been on Prozac for five years. I didn’t want to go through life under the deadening hand of anti-depressants and was looking for alternatives.

A friend of mine suggested that I see a homeopath. I was deeply sceptical. The science behind homeopathy seemed sketchy, my depression was very real and I didn’t believe that a few “sugar pills” were going to make any difference. But the conventional treatments weren’t working and I gave it a go.

In that first consultation I remember appreciating the opportunity to explore with my homeopath the root causes of how I was feeling, rather than a quick fix of the symptoms. But what I VIVIDLY remember is how I felt after my first remedy (Sepia). I honestly felt like a different person, my mood improved as did my energy and my motivation. And this was not just in my head – the real clincher was when my husband asked me what my homeopath would like for Christmas!

I came off the anti-depressants and eventually the thyroid medication (in consultation with my GP) and began to read more and more about homeopathy.  It became a passion and then ultimately a vocation. I studied at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine under Helen Johnson, Colin Griffith and Tony Hurley among others, graduating in 2013 as a Licentiate from the Centre for Homeopathic Education in Great Ormond Street.

Based on my own experience, I specialise in mental health issues and hormonal imbalances, in which context I have treated patients of all ages.

I continue to learn every day from my patients, and am also focused on continuous professional development – with courses in naturopathy, herbal remedies and nutrition. Learning is never done!