My consultations are collaborative – we will work together to establish what has knocked you out of balance and what we can do to restore that balance.  Homeopathy is holistic, looking to treat the whole person rather than just the symptoms.  For that reason, in our first 60 minute consultation I need to establish as complete a picture of you as possible.  We will discuss your medical history, when ailments or symptoms first appeared, as well as identifying significant episodes in your life.

Sometimes this discussion can lead us in unexpected directions – all I ask of my patients is that they keep an open mind as we explore possible root causes.

Homeopathy is generally classified under the heading of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, or CAM.  I focus on the C rather than the A, to complement conventional medicine and treatments rather than looking to replace them.  For example, in my experience homeopathy can help to reduce the side effects of medication, or to alleviate the physical or emotional trauma of surgery.

Above all, I am practical and realistic.  I’m not going to tell you never to pick up another glass of wine and I’m not going to suggest you knit your own yoghurt.  In the consultation we will work together to explore where you are now, and with the support of homeopathic remedies look to restore your vitality – in body and mind.